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Canon RAW...for video?

Or it should read - The Story Continues...because this is something of which to take note. Canon filed in July 2010 for a patent on a RAW video format. Interesting to note that the specs state that a uncompressed RAW codec runs at 2.8125 Gb/sec, which is far to much data for a CF card (which they want it to record to). So this means their version of RAW will need to be algorithmically simialr to what RED does. To do this Canon will need to maintain a lossy RAW codec (i.e. has some sort of compression on it) yet, retains what looks to be a lossless visual image. So it may still be RAW in that you can control ISO, white balance, etc in post, but the data will still have some sort of compression applied to it. Certianly this format would have less compression than current DSLR's (h.264) or the forthcoming C300 (4:2:2 MPEG-2, Canon XF format). I would expect this to make it to market in the C300's successor, and possibly in the 4K DSLR that Canon noted back in November at the EOS Cinema launch.

Worthy notes about the codec:

  •  Designed to record to CF card
  • 4096x2048, 12bit (able to handle up to 4K RAW images, theoretically 2K/3K images as well)
  • Designed for high res RGB sensor with Bayer colour filter array (DIGIC sensors - C300, DSLR)

 If this  happens, count me among the Canon supporters. Combine this RAW codec with Canon Log shooting style and you have an equal competitor to RED Epic and Scarlet-X users. The added benefit on the Canon side being CF card recording instead of proprietary RED drives. Sign me up.