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No Surprise Here

Via Jenna Wortham on NY Times blog:

The report did not give details about mobile devices, only personal computers. But the firm found that the number of people who report that their home television is the primary screen for watching paid and free Internet video has increased to 45 percent, up from 33 percent a year earlier. During the same period, consumers who used a PC as their main way to watch online video dipped to 31 percent from 48 percent.
The company found that Netflix’s instant streaming service was the most popular application for funneling video from the Internet to a television, with 40 percent of people who watch online content on a TV using Netflix. Hulu Plus, with 12 percent, and Vudu, with 4 percent, attracted more modest followings.


Count me amoung those statistics. We cut the TV cord back in 2008 and haven't looked back (we do still have the internet cord though!). Much like the stats reflect, most of our viewing revolves around Netflix and Hulu as well. The television market is beginning to undergo its techological distrubtion.