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C500 for $23K

Well look at this. If you own a C300 already Canon is going to sweeten the pot for you to buy a C500 by knocking off $3K from the price of a C500 as part of the Canon Lotalty Program, but hurry because the loyalty for Canon to get in a discount only extends until December 31, 2012. After that I guess the loyalty-gig is up.

The Cinema EOS Loyalty Program entitles customers making a new purchase of a Canon EOS C500/EOS C500 PL to a $3,000.00 Instant Rebate when the following qualifications are met.


- Customer must currently own a Canon EOS C300

- This EOS C300 must be registered with Canon USA (For units not yet registered, customer

must register the unit via Canon’s website,

One could argue that the price difference between a C300 and C500 should be more than $7K. One could also argue that difference between a C100 and C300 should be less than $8.5K. If I were the one calling the shots at Canon for pricing I would lay the video EOS line out like this (and I'm including cameras here that technically fall outside of their Cinema EOS line, but are used by amateurs and professionals alike to create cinematic stories):

5DII: $1,599

5DIII: $2,499

C100: $5,499

C300: $9,999

1D-C: $12,999 (as of this writing this is the current price at B&H for the 1D-C, which is not shipping yet; however, I think this price would be justified provided the other cameras in their lineup where adjusted accordingly)

C500: $24,999

With Sony's recent camera announcements of the F5 and F55 I think Canon has to either (1) drop their prices to compete, or (2) come out with cameras that have more features packed into them (1080p/2k over/under cranking up to 120fps or 240fps, 10 bit codec, RAW mode?). Given Canon's history I'm guessing they'll go towards the first option, especially since the C300 hasn't even been on the market for a full year (It was just released in Feb 2012!). As every commentator points out, it may well be the best time ever for digital video/cinema, but it's also the most expensive. By that I mean, you pony up for a C300 in February and by April Blackmagic is annoucning a 2.5k camera for $3K. By the fall you have Sony announcing cameras that spec match Canon (picture quality, color rendering, post-workflow, etc have yet to be analzyed) and RED dropping their prices. That $16K you just spent on the C300 makes you wonder if you should've just rented or held off entirely. least it does for me!