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The Wingrove Paradigm

Jason Wingrove, co-host of the RC Podcast, has got me thinking that maybe he's on to something. The paradigm stems from a conversation he was having with Mike Seymour about how cameras record information. He later immortalized the saying in a tweet. What has become known as the Wingrove Paradigm states:

A camera must record its own shit. That is, it must not exceed in resolution or speed it's ability to record the data internally.

The shift of cameras not recording their own shit can probably be traced to the concept of the camera as a "brain." The brain just handles signal processing and may record a low-rez version of the signal coming off the sensor. However, if you want to unpack the full potential of the camera you'll have to buy X add on. It's also a way for manufactures to milk more out of the consumer than in years past. Do you want to record 4:2:0? Well that happens internally in the camera to our propiertary recording format (i.e. P2, SxS, etc.). You want 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 or RAW or whatever....well then you need to slap on this added module which will need cables, and power, and a mounting point.

It would be great if we could get our hands on a camera that follows Wingrove's Paradigm, but maybe those days are behind us now.