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A Moment of Silence

The 5D Mark II has been officially retired by Canon, according to Canon Rumors. A moment of silence is in order for what may arguably turn out to be one of the greatest cameras in filmmaking history. It's full-frame sensor combined with it's low light ability caught everyone by surprise. This camera ushered in an era of democritization for the "film look"(i.e. shallow depth of field and eventually coupled with 24fps). Indie filmmakers quickly adopted the 5DMII as the go-to camera of choice in shooting. Inexpensive, great image quality, wide selection of lenses at all price points, and extremely portable form factor made this camera a must-have. Beyond that it spawned a slew of me-too cameras (Canon t2i, t3i, t4i, 7D, 60D, 5DIII, DNikon D300s, D600, D800, etc.), but with each camera increasing dynamic range, image quality, and affordability followed. If it wasn't for the 5DMII we may never have gotten to the C100, C300, and C500 or the RED Scarlet, Panasonc AF-100, or Sony F3/F5. The 5DMII deserves a special place in history, in my opinion. And maybe ironically, even Canon didn't quite realize what it had fallen into. It was really more accidental than intentional as the video option was a mere afterthought to Canon. But isn't that how some of the greates revolutions/evolutions actually happen?


R.I.P. Canon 5D Mark II. You changed an industry and empowered a new era of filmmaker. Here's to the Canon 5D Mark II!