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Technicolor Tackles Color Grading

Technicolor, the much beloved makers of CineStyle for DSLR cameras, has officially entered into the color grading game with CineStyle Color Assist. While you may initially brush it off, have a look through it. It's only $99 and the workflow is very straightforward to use. The interface is simple. The design is clean. This is a 1.0 software. I'd expect them to add more features as it develops. Available for Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe CS5.5/6 with a plugin based workflow (not a plugin specifically, but a plugin workflow).

I really like the plugin based workflow idea. That seems less messy than all the EDL/XML workflows available now. My question remains how long does it take to export your timeline in your NLE of choice once you've used Color Assist?

Now this probably won't unseat DaVinci Resolve Lite as the King of the Hill, but if you're just looking for something quick, powerful, and simple this definitely looks easier to get up on then Resolve (especially if you're not a colorist by trade/nature/heart). I don't expect post-houses to readily adopt this, but if you're a one-man-band or small shop this may just do the trick.