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Scott Simmons on ProVideo Coalition talking about SpeedGrade:

It does feel a bit tacked on right now as the suite will make a DPX sequence out of the edit for grading in SpeedGrade. But what little testing I was able to do saw it working for a very simple edit without anything tricky.

Yep, that’s an interesting interface. You can’t tell much from that small image above but it will take some learning. The comparisons to Apple Color are going to be quite common. Not because the applications are similar but because they both feel (felt) quickly integrated into the suite with a very non-Apple, non-standard interface and integration that isn’t too terribly tight with their companion NLE. The biggest difference being we can expect Adobe to actually upgrade and improve SpeedGrade, both in operation and compatibility. Hopefully SpeedGrade will one day be just a Dynamic Link away!

I hope he's right about Adobe's committment to SpeedGrade in comparison to Apple's lack-luster attention to the now defunct Color.