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Autodesk Smoke...WOW!

Walter Biscardi describing the new Autodesk Smoke 2013:

Here's where Autodesk REALLY got it right for the editors. All the rest of the finishing features are launched from the main editing interface. Think about it like dynamic linking to other applications without the need to dynamic link, it's all in one application. And you literally work from the same timeline throughout the process. The application simply switches to different modes for different tasks.

So you don't "Send To" "XML To" "Export To" "Fill In The Blank To" anything to work with all of the tools inside Smoke 2013. Simply switch to the operation mode you want to do what you want. Need to do color grading? Switch to Color Grading Mode. When you're done, switch back to the timeline. Switch to the Connect FX room to build a composite or key a green screen. There are a ton of right click contextual menus throughout the interface to make it very easy to get the materials where you need it. When you're done with the task, you switch right back to your main editing timeline.

Oh and did I mention we're editing natively throughout the process if you want? Yep, DPX only editing is gone although you can conform everything to a single codec if you'd like.

This software looks great. If it runs as good as it looks, I'll be adding more seats of it at my shop. And before you say, "It's too expensive!" the new price is now $3,495 (down from $15,000 last year). That's a whole lot of power for that amount of money.