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Demo Reel

If you're in the market for a job then you're also in the market for showcasing your work, which means those two loved or feard words: Demo Reel. Here's 20 tips for creating a successful demo reel. I suggest reading all of them, but overwhelmingly support the first one on the list:

If you ask 10 different editors how long a demo reel should be you’ll get 10 different opinions… but there’s one sentiment that’s pretty consistent, KEEP IT SHORT.  A demo reel should highlight YOUR BEST work, and thus should probably not be a sampling of everything you’ve ever done.  My personal opinion is 60 to 90 seconds for most cases, and I can think of few reasons why you’d ever have a reel over 2 minutes.  One of the main tasks of a video editor is to be able to tell a clear story in a condensed amount of time.  Underscore this ability by showing off your body of work with brevity.