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Blackmagic Cinema Camera

An excellent write up by EOSHD on the potential of Blackmagic Camera:

For too long the big corporate giants from Japan have been neglecting a huge burgeoning demand for a true next generation filmic camera for the masses… Despite stumbling ass backwards into it in pole position.

This camera sets the cat amongst the pigeons to say the least.

Canon recognised a need for large sensor cinema cameras but priced them for Hollywood and left DSLRs to rot. With Canon it seems they have tunnel vision. The announcement of the 4K DSLR with no 4K 25p, only 24p proves this. Nobody outside Hollywood or Japan exists! It is like building a car for a worldwide market and having it leave the factory with 3 wheels. Some, like Nikon, took 3 years to realise there was even a market! Some like Red aimed at the market but failed and went back to the high end, their natural home. Blackmagic Design meanwhile could so easily have priced this raw camera at $10,000 but the fact they didn’t is hugely significant.

To price it high would have made a massive margin and they’d still have sold out for months. But it would be penny wise, pound foolish in the long run. It is the price that makes this camera such big news. Up against the might of Arri, Canon and Sony, a company like Blackmagic would have had a very hard time of winning market share at $10k+ but the sub $3000 market is crying out for them.