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BlackMagic Cinema Camera...Downside

EOSHD exclusive interview with John Brawley:

EOSHD: What is the maximum ASA / ISO of the camera?

JB: That’s a work in progress. Right now, my camera goes to ISO 1600 but they plan to make it better.

EOSHD: Is the battery internal – any plans for a battery grip?

JB: It’s internal only. You can easily power the camera externally, and that automatically recharges the internal battery. I’ve been finding my battery lasts for more than 2 hours. They have plans for other accessories, including battery grips and extra control functions.

These appear to be the cameras biggest downsides...provided one can get past the actual sensor size (15.6mm X 8.8mm, active). But remember BM is selling a 2.5K camera for $3K that comes with a $995 version of DaVinci Resolve 9. Maybe it's better to look at it like this: I want to buy DaVinci Resolve 9 and for an extra $2K they'll throw in a camera and some scopes software.