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GoPro Hero 2 Firmware

Not sure how I missed this last week @ NAB 2012, but GoPro released a new firmware update to their Hero 2 camera. The firmware update now allows the camera a more "pro" mode and is primarily geared towards professional users that need more control of the image, data rate, and frame rate of the camera. From the press release:

Key features of the GoPro Protune mode include:

24fps frame rate, enabling GoPro HERO2 content to be easily intercut with other sources without a frame rate conversion;

35Mbps data rate for the industry’s highest quality compressed image with virtually zero artifacts;

Neutral color profile, allowing for greater flexibility in a color correction workflow;

Log curve encoding, offering more detail in shadows and highlights;

Reduced sharpening and noise reduction for improved flexibility in professional post- production and color design workflows.

The Hero 2 was already impressive enough, but these additions make it great for intermixing with other cameras on set. The added data rate will give post-production artists a little bit more lattitude when working with the image, as will the neutral color profile (think CineStyle profile for the Canon DSLR's). If you don't already own one of these cameras, then take another look!

Firmware updates available here. The update should be available summer 2012.