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Pete Rose

The 30 for 30 Series (won a Peabody award) on ESPN has a nice 8-minute piece on Pete Rose. Eric Drath directed Here Now. Bill Simmons on Grantland writes,

In case you missed the New York Times story today, ESPN is launching a second volume of our Peabody Award–winning 30 for 30 series that premieres this fall and runs through 2014. (To view the trailer, click here.) Or, as the project has been called internally, "They Screwed Us Out of an Emmy, Let's Run This Baby Back!" If the first series celebrated ESPN's first 30 years, then the second series will celebrate the storytelling form — not just with 30 new sports documentaries from 30 filmmakers (which won't just be confined to that 1979-2009 time frame this time, by the way), but our new 30 for 30 Shorts web series that premieres monthly on Grantland starting today.

It's easily worth 8 of your minutes! Do yourself a favor...check it out.