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2012 Color Grading Roundup

Dennis Kutchera writing over at the Creative Cow:

Not surprisingly, I found that pretty much every grading system I checked out was amazing at some things and mediocre at others, even the Big Iron. Selecting a color grading system is going to be a tough decision. I like DaVinci Resolve a lot. It was designed for the way I think, regardless of price. Resolve's price is incredible, but that is not my biggest determining factor because the cost of ownership is more than just the initial price tag. If you can work faster at a higher room rate and give your client better results sooner with a lower bill at the end, then paying the big bucks makes sense, maybe even all the way up to the Big Iron systems. Paid support also tends to be better than free support when you have a deadline and find yourself in need of help.

His conclusion seems to come to about the same point at which I end. Everybody is gunning for DaVinci Resolve. That's the standard currently. Some programs excel in certain areas that Resolve doesn't, but overall, bank-for-the-buck, ease of use, good integration with other NLE's Resolve is the standard.