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Speaking of FCPX...

If you're interested in data points and statistics here some interesting fodder from Philip Hodgetts

That seems to be the “pro” market I guess. And, not surprisingly, Apple’s market share in the “pro NLE buyers” market (noted above) has dropped. By 3%. From 55% to 52%.

Apple still have 52% of the “pro” market according to this researcher. That will certainly be challenging to those relying on anecdotal evidence from their immediate peer group.

First challenge is that they all purchased Final Cut Pro X “to test it out” and no-one’s using it. Well, Apple have already demolished the “no professional is using Final Cut Pro X” canard the week before NAB with the Final Cut Pro in Action stories.

Unfortunately, "sold" does not equal "in use." And I'm sorry if I don't accept Apple's 3 anecdotal pieces of evidence as indisputable proof that they've deeply penetrated the high-end pro market with FCPX. I guess that makes me a skeptic...