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State of the Union: FCPX

Scott Simmons for ProVideo Coalition:

The state of the union of Final Cut Pro X, one year after its release, was also summed up quite nicely on Twitter by Marcus Moore when responding to a comment about staying with FCPX despite some bugs: If you like the philosophy behind FCPX, then bugs will get ironed out. If you like the old paradigm better, try CS6. And that could just as easily mean try Avid.

The state of the union of Final Cut Pro X is still a bit shattered and some of the natives are still a bit bitter and restless. But tempers have calmed as parts of the population have embraced what FCPX has to offer while others have moved on to different things. But the state of the union of editing software in general has never been better as we’ve never had so many different editing choices than we have right now.

I agree we editors have never had so many NLE choices from which to pick. I also agree with Marcus Moore that if you embrace the philosophy behind FCPX then you'll work around the bugs. But I'm not so convinced that the natives are now any less restless or bitter over what happened on June 21, 2011.