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Resolves Next Evolution?

I might be off my rocker here, but I can't get over how close DaVinci Resolve is to a NLE. Now there are some serious limitations with Resolve as an editor compared to Media Composer, FCP7/X, or Premiere Pro. Without a doubt as it stands now, Resolve is not in the league with any of the systems from the big 4 A's (Apple, Adobe, Avid, Autodesk). Resolve's conform tab offers very little compared to the other NLE's. So I'm not comparing the product as it stands today, but more in looking at where BlackMagic could take the product. I'm willing to bet that they have an NLE up their sleeve somewhere.

BlackMagic has components from live recording, to acquisition, to ingest, to image manipulation, to delivery. The one area that is sorely lacking for them right now is a NLE-like application. Resolve fills that role currently as it acts as the ingest hub for the BMCC. Why would BlackMagic not want to control everything from acquisition to delivery? It would be like buying into an ecosystem. You buy a BMCC, shoot your footage, ingest into Resolve, edit in Resolve, color grade in Resolve, and deliver in Resolve.

Resolve 9 Conform Tab

If I showed these stills to any editor, provided they have no prior knowledge of Resolve, wouldn't they immediately wonder, "What editing app is that?" It's got all the components there already - Media Bin, 2-up display, track based timeline, toolbar with standard tools. It's all there already. It's just in very, very simple form.

Resolve's Editing Toolbar

Now this is all just conjecture at this point. I'm merely speculating from the Resolve interface as well as Blackmagic's current product landscape. But it seems at least plausible to me that Blackmagic, as some point, will want to control everything in the pipleline - camera, ingest, editing, color grading, delivery. Given their aggressive track record at moving into a space and competing, I don't expect them to go too long without adding something else to their lineup either through internal development or acquisition.

2-up Display in Resolve

Track-based timeline in Resolve