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More Commentary on Adobe CC

Oliver Peter's writing on his blog

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that in June Adobe switched its access to software from a licensed ownership to a subscription model. After a year of offering both options – perpetual licenses and subscription – Adobe has decided to go all-in on subscriptions for the latest version of its creative tools, while continuing to offer perpetual licenses only for Adobe CS6 products. Adobe has branded these offerings under two divisions – the Creative Cloud (content creation software) and the Marketing Cloud (back-end web, marketing and analysis software). This move changes your interaction with Adobe’s software from one of purchasing a product to one of purchasing a service that includes software tools as part of the package.

Oliver offers a good write-up regarding the pros and cons of Adobe's Creative Cloud. I would commend it to anybody still thinking about the CC. I also recommend users of the CC to read through it as many good use-case scenarios are brought up within the article. 

Oliver wraps up his thoughts with a succinct one-liner:

I suspect once the ruckus over the subscription model settles down, for better or worse, many other software companies will follow Adobe’s trek down this pioneering trail.

I agree with his final assessment. Once Adobe's Creative Cloud moves into its second, third, etc year people will just accept it. It's very much reminiscent of the FCP X rollout. In June 2011 people were just flat out hostile towards Apple and FCP. Two and a half years later the animosity has died off and people have started to embrace the app. Apple was and is looking at the long game with FCP X. Similarly, Adobe is looking at the long game with CC. People will be vocal for about 6-12 months, but after that it'll settle down and return to business as usual.