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After Effects CC Update

Adobe delivering another update for CC users, this time in After Effects. 

Top new features in After Effects CC (12.1)

  • mask tracker
  • Detail-preserving Upscale effect
  • improved performance for analysis phase for 3D Camera Tracker and Warp Stabilizer effects
  • property linking
  • HiDPI content viewers for Retina displays on Mac computers
  • improved snapping behavior, including snapping beyond layer boundaries and to internal wireframes
  • OptiX 3.0 library for GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer
  • improved Cinema 4D integration
  • Adobe Anywhere integration and an early preview of the Media Browser panel

Many of the updates that Adobe has delivered for the CC are not inconsequential updates. They've packed some serious stuff into these. Some of these features would've been held back until the next traditional release if they weren't on a subscription model.  Not saying the subscription model is perfect, but that's certainly an extremely useful perk as a user.