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Blackmagic Updates Shipping Time on 4K Camera

Yours truly writing back in July about Blackmagic's shipping prospects:

If they ship the 4K camera in September, and if within 3 months of BM shipping the camera they've fulfilled all pre-orders then I think that's a strong success for BM, especially compared with the original BMCC rollout. And I'm only focusing on the 4K camera here. The Pocket Camera is pretty much on track according to the rep. I don't think I need to remind anyone reading this blog about a small camera startup that still has trouble hitting shipping targets 8 years and several camera bodies after its inception.

And writing again in September about the Blackmagic shipping struggles : 

However, in the future stop creating arbitrary deadlines that just frustrate your customer base as they get blown past. Announce the product, not the delivery date. Stop setting goalposts only to move them a couple of weeks later. Just stop it. Take a page from Apple's playbook in this area. The new Mac Pro was shown, but no expected date was given, save for the generic "Fall 2013." Or use the most common page from Apple, don't say anything about the product until you're ready to deliver it. Instead of showing the under-development 4K camera at NAB wait until IBC to show off the finished product. Or wait until NAB 2014 to show it and sell it on the show floor (how many people would just buy the 4K camera right there on the show floor and just fly home with it?! I'm guessing they'd blow throw cameras if that were the case). Or if the product doesn't fit into a simple trade show/convention release schedule then hold a press release about the new camera and start taking/filling orders when it's ready. The Internet and blogging community will easily take care of moving the information out to your customer base.

Well looks they're starting to learn their lesson...updated shipping date for BM 4K now reads "Shipping Q4."