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Canon 5D Mark III Port Protector

SmallHD is running a Kickstarter campaign to see if there's enough interest to support production of a HDMI/USB port protector for the Canon 5D Mark III. If you shoot with this camera you should support this endeavor. The port protector locks your HDMI cable into the port so that you can literally hold the camera by the cable (if you wanted to).

We are a small business that designs and manufactures on-camera monitors in Cary, North Carolina.  We come from a filmmaking background, but our passion has transformed into solving problems for filmmakers.  (SmallHD is known for making the very first on-camera monitor with a true HD display resolution.)

We launched this KickStarter project because we've had a number of customers request a port protector for the Canon 5D Mark III.  We're fully capable of manufacturing this type of product—but since it falls outside of our normal product line, we're not sure what the true demand really is.  The startup cost for this product is relatively high, so we're relying on 5D community supporters like you to determine if this product should become a reality.

Visit the Kickstarter project and consider donating to the campaign. I've already pledged my support for this product. SmallHD is a great company with great products! Here's a demonstration of their previous port protector for the 5D Mark II. How can a 5D3 owner not want this?!