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Mac Pro Has Arrived

The Mac Pro is now available and configurable on the Apple website.

Strange thing though is this option—32" Sharp 4K Display:

Connect a 4K display to your Mac Pro and see your work on the ultimate big screen. With a resolution of 3840 by 2160, the Sharp 4K 31.5-inch display has over 8 million pixels. Not only can you see Ultra HD 4K content pixel for pixel and high-resolution photography in more detail than ever before, but you get a massive desktop to spread out all your work. The Sharp PN-K321 display connects to your Mac Pro through a Thunderbolt 2 port using the included Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. In addition to the DisplayPort 1.2 input, the Sharp PN-K321 display includes two HDMI 1.4 inputs.

Why is Apple sourcing a 4K display from a third-party manufacture (granted Sharp is where Apple gets many of the screens for today's iProducts)? I'm surprised Apple doesn't have their own offering to pair with the new Mac Pro. It's not like Apple to leave money on the table.