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Side by Side

From the Side by Side website:

For almost one hundred years there was only one way to make a movie — with film. Movies were shot, edited and projected using photochemical film. But over the last two decades a digital process has emerged to challenge photochemical filmmaking.
SIDE BY SIDE, a new documentary produced by Keanu Reeves, takes an in-depth look at this revolution. Through interviews with directors, cinematographers, film students, producers, technologists, editors, and exhibitors, SIDE BY SIDE examines all aspects of filmmaking — from capture to edit, visual effects to color correction, distribution to archive. At this moment when digital and photochemical filmmaking coexist, SIDE BY SIDE explores what has been gained, what is lost, and what the future might bring.

If you haven't seen Side by Side then do yourself a favor and carve out 99 minutes to watch it on Netflix Streaming or Amazon Instant Video. Keanu Reeves talks with Dion Beebe, Danny Boyle, James Cameron, George Lucas, David Lynch, Walter Murch, Christopher Nolan, Robert Rodriguez, Joel Schumacher, Martin Scorsese, and many others on the trends of film making. Also in the documentary are excellent breakdowns of the history of film, of camera technology, of Digital Intermediates (DI), of color correction, and of how pictures are acquired with film and with digital.

Take 90 minutes tonight and sit back and enjoy.