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Adobe's NAB 2013 Preview

Adobe has released a sneak peak for the next version of CS. The preview included notes about Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Prelude, SpeedGrade, Story, and Media Encoder. And, as Larry Jordan points out, just because they didn't show anything about an app doesn't mean that app is dead (i.e. Encore). It likely means that the app in question doesn't have any new/revamped functionality, and therefore, didn't warrant any press time.

Scott Simmons has a well documented look over at Pro Video Coalition detailing the new Premiere Pro version.

I’ve had just enough time to dig into this next version of Adobe Premiere Pro and check out some of the feature improves, both new and upgraded. Overall it’s going to be another solid release that continues Adobe’s vision of Premiere Pro being a top notch editor that can stand toe-to-toe with both Avid Media Composer and either version of Final Cut Pro. Does this release address every issue that FCP7 editors have been complaining about since many of them moved over? No. Does this release add a whole lot of feature improvements and additions that make the NLE better? Yes. Is there ever going to be a perfect NLE that editors won’t complain about? Well of course not. What fun would that be?

Looks like the big feature additions are: Improved Media Management, more keyboard driven editing improvements alla FCP7, an audio clip mixer, Lumerti Looks and Deep Color Engine incorporated into Premiere Pro, improved importing of Avid and Final Cut projects using AAF and XML, FCP7-like Paste Attributes functionality, and a new timeline track look and functionality.

My biggest curiosity is towards SpeedGrade which apparently got a significant facelift for the new version. This was one of my areas of complaint towards SpeedGrade when it was released last year. The jury is still out on if the workflow for SpeedGrade is improved, but I'm expecting it will be. Adobe, as part of their recently announced alliance, is looking to incorporate Maxon Cinema 4D more tightly in After Effects.

What we don't know: release dates, pricing, version names (though presumably this is CS6.5 if they stick to their recent release history).

Larry Jordan's conclusion:

All in all, these new announcements from Adobe show that they are working VERY hard to improve the applications that most of us use every day. If you are going to the 2013 NAB Show, or the Supermeet, you can see these new applications in action. I’m looking forward to the release of the final versions. What was already good, just got a whole lot better.

Scott Simmons conclusion:

So that’s the first big bit of NAB 2013 news for editor: The next generation of Adobe Premiere Pro is going to continue to vastly improve the product. There’s more to be discovered than just what is listed here so I’ll hope to test out this early version and see what else I can discover. No word on ship dates but that’s what NAB is all about right? Announcements, not necessarily shipments.

UPDATE: Adobe has a nice little website dedicated to the NAB sneak peak. The videos on there give you some actual screen time with each app. And, yes, SpeedGrade does look a bit better.