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Canon 5DIII RAW Samples

The videos continue to turn up showcasing the Canon 5DIII's remarkable detail and color fidelity when recording a RAW image off the sensor. Andrew Reid has posted several videos on his Vimeo channel showing off what the Mark III is capable of. Without a doubt, this is an exciting prospect for many shooters. The level of detail available in a RAW image both dynamic range and overall sharpness is incredible (just look at the detail recorded in the tree branches, bark, and leaves - amazing!).

This video below showcases the 5DIII's ability in 1920x1080@24fps. Andrew also has a video showing a 2.5K (2560x720) RAW feed, but that has some problems compared to the 1080p recording.

So here's the latest wrap up from Planet5d (5/14/2013):

  • your Canon EOS 5D Mark III must be running firmware 1.1.3 – this will not work with the latest version (the HDMI out version Canon just shipped)
  • your SD card needs to be bootable (and you have to download utilities to make that happen)
  • You have to have a windows machine to process the RAW files (or you can use a windows emulator if you’re running mac) – but you can’t do this if you’re mac only at this point (this is what I didn’t know when I started – and I don’t have a windows machine and don’t want to load an emulator so I’m stuck).
  • To get full frame 24fps video, you’ll need super fast cards – find several over here at B&H Photo Video
  • 1920×1080 24p continuous 14Bit 4444 RAW recording on the 5D MK3, no dropped frames with a Lexar 1000x CF card.
  • Sound is not recorded in the RAW file but I’m told there’s a workaround where you can record sound separately to an SD card.
  • There’s still some bugs messing up the pixels and some cadence issues that need to be sorted out.
    The current recording time limit is however long it takes to reach 4Gb but I’m told it’s just something that’s been put in the code and can be changed to allow continuous recording till the card fills up.
  • On a 600x Lexar card I can record 1280×720 24p without dropping any frames.
  • The file sizes range from about 2mb-4Mb per frame.
  • Resolution and dynamic range are much improved over the H.264 video, RAW video looks like downscaled RAW stills.