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Rabinowitz Ideates on the Creative Cloud

Aharon Rabinowitz has a response to both Adobe and the users of Adobe regarding the Creative Cloud. It's worth a read:

Adobe is a company that makes tools we all love and rely on for our work in video post production. But with their latest announcement – that from here on in, all software will only be available through subscription – a lot of people are upset and feeling betrayed. I want to try to address it all in a balanced way. I’ll ask that you read all the way through because I am going to start with why, about certain things, you’re totally wrong. Then, I’ll move into why you’re also totally right – and have the right to feel angry and demand more.

The "Adobe, We Need to Talk" section near the end of the post is a don't miss section.

His view of the 2 different approaches to monetizing software are interesting: Apple unbundling FCPX for a larger market and Adobe with the all-you-can-eat CC. The point I would contend with in this discussion is that Apple never really made any money off of FCS. It was a way to push standards out (Quicktime, ProRes, h.264, etc.) and push high-end Mac hardware (Mac Pro). If Apple could control the content creation (FCS), content distribution (iTunes/Quicktime), and the content delivery device (iOS) then they would have a completely vertically integrated market.

But this goes back to the age-old discussion: is Apple a software company that makes hardware or a hardware company that makes software? How you answer that question will likely fuel your response to whether Apple really wants to invest in FCP as a money maker, and how you interpret Aharon's argument.