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Go Home JVC...You're Drunk

Nate Weber writing with wit on Wide Open Camera about the newest and most bizarre camera in JVC's lineup (and really it's the strangest camera in any manufactures lineup...EVER!), the JVC JY-HMQ30.

JVC announced a new 4K camera today, the JY-HMQ30. It’s expected to be about $18,000 and should not be bought by anyone. It shoots 4K cut into 4 quadrants onto 4 SD cards! WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT IS A GOOD IDEA?!
You can check these links for all the ‘features‘ but here are the first 10 reasons I could think of not to buy it.
1. Records 4K H.264, it’s everyone’s favorite flavor of WTF.
2. No built-in NDs. Not really a deal breaker for a true cinema camera, but this is not that.
3. It’s $18,000 and shoots H.264!!! Go home JVC, you’re drunk.