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Adobe CC is Here...Accept It or Move On

Scott Simmons writing Pro Video Coalition

There comes a time in every software / hardware / tools-based controversy when it’s time to shut-it-up and move on. It happened with Canon DSLRs (they aren’t going away), it happened with Final Cut Pro X (it’s here and Apple isn’t bringing back FCP7) and it’s just about time for it to happen with the Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe’s new non-perpetual licensing model. Adobe has made the decision to move to the cloud and they probably aren’t going to renege any time soon. But the complainers should stop complaining not because the Cloud-licensing model is a good idea but because there are so many other choices out there. If you don’t like one, move on to another.

Agreed. There are many, many options for editors today. If software as a service is not your cup of tea, then the best thing you can do is vote with your wallet and go elsewhere. Otherwise, download and enjoy!