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Will It or Won't It Ship on Time?

So the question that seems alive and well is whether Blackmagic Design will hit its estimated ship date of July for its Pocket Camera and Production Camera. Contradictory reports are appearing quickly:

Exhibit A - B&H Photo/Video screen shot taken the morning of Wednesday, June 26 showing an expected availability of August 25.


Exhibit B - Richard Lim of Blackmagic Design speaking on camera at Broadcast Asia 2013 saying the cameras will hit their July target

Time will tell, but it is interesting to see the fervor over this camera and BM's ability to hit its target. While most companies would love to deliver as consistently as BM does it would appear that BM's black eye from last year's release of the BM Cinema Camera hasn't quite healed yet. If they can deliver these 2 new cameras in July I think that would go a long way to clearing up the alleged slight of failing to source components well enough for a highly demanded product.