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Avid Tell Me About the Markers Please

Steve Hullfish writing for Pro Video Coalition about Avid's new Spanned Markers feature in MC7: 

So how do you use this cool feature? Well, lucky for you, you’re reading this column, because if you decided to rely on the Avid documentation, you would be out of luck. The Avid documentation for this feature is sorely lacking. Firstly, it explains that Spanned Markers can only be added to sequences. This is not only incorrect, but it negates probably the most important use of Spanned Markers, which is in the Source Window on source clips. In truth, you CAN put Spanned Markers on either the Source or Sequence side. The other problem is that the modifier keys in the documentation to enable Spanned Markers for Macs are incorrect.

This isn't Avid's first NLE release. In fact, they've been doing it longer than just about anybody in the market today. So why the poor communication and documentation on such great features? What up with that?