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What's a photo worth?

If you said a thousand words then the Chicago Sun Times disagrees with you. From Yahoo news:

The Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire full-time photography staff Thursday, including a Pulitzer Prize winner, in a move that the newspaper's management said resulted from a need to shift toward more online video.

This is terrible news for the tremendous men and women who work day in and day out to capture life's events in a compelling and artistic way. Vincent Laforet has a thought-provoking rant on his website about this move by newspapers away from photographers and it's worth a read:

And as to the discussion over multimedia/video being more important than photography…Ask yourself what images you have burned in your memory from the past decade…and then ask yourself if you can name one single "multimedia piece" by name that you recently saw on a newspaper’s website…you probably can’t (although there are some amazing ones that have been produced.)
And that’s the point: photography is just as important today if not more than it ever has been. Not a time to cut yourself at the knees as an organization, let alone all the way to the marrow. If you do: you’re insuring your irrelevance and giving loyal readers who are holding on yet another reasons to stop subscribing.