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R.I.P. Color Assist

Scott Simmons of Pro Video Coalition writing about the death of the short lived (6 months) Technicolor's Color Assist $99 color grading app: 

So what happened to Color Assist to make them kill it seemingly out of the blue? We don’t know for sure and we’ve reached out to Technicolor for further word so we can only speculate. My guess is that … well …. the product wasn’t very successful. It’s not that it wasn’t a capable application though. We have had a copy of Color Assist in the Editblog labs for quite a while but we hadn’t posted a review of the product as we hadn’t found any real world situations in which to use it. All of our product reviews go though some real world testing and I never found a place for Color Assist. We would either be doing color work directly within our NLE, sending work out to a professional colorist or working in DaVinci Resolve.

Apparently it solved a problem that nobody had.