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Adobe to Add Over 150 New Features in October Update

Come October 2013, Adobe is set to add over 150 new features into the video related apps on the Creative Cloud. Al Mooney writing on his blog page at Adobe: 

As part of Creative Cloud, we are able to bring exciting new features to Adobe Premiere Pro far quicker and more regularly than ever before to help you stay a step ahead.  Less than 4 months after the CC releases shipped, Creative Cloud will be adding over 150 new features that greatly improve video workflows, with significant new updates to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, SpeedGrade CC, Prelude CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC, Adobe Story and previewing a brand-new iPad app, Prelude Live Logger.  We’ll be demoing these new features at the IBC tradeshow this week, and they will be available in Creative Cloud on October 15, 2013.  Learn more about all the new Video releases here, and see an overview video of the new features in Premiere Pro here. 

To Adobe's credit, they have done exactly what they claimed they would do when moving to the Cloud subscription based model. Instead of having to wait for a major update to tack on these features they roll them out when they're ready. As an Adobe CC member myself, this release pace is a welcome sight. Adobe is committed to making this model work and currently shows no signs of slowing down!

UPDATE (9/19): A good breakdown of the features by product written by David Helmly on Adobe's Blog.

So many things to cover on the latest CC updates for the Pro Video apps. As you’ll see, the Pro Video team has been extremely busy to deliver user requests , bugs, and looking towards the future of our video apps. This cycle had “All Hands on Deck” or should I say, all Adobe Pro Video engineers had “All Hands on Keyboards” coding throughout the day and night.