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MC7 It Ain't Flashy But It's Reliable

Oliver Peters commenting on the recently released Avid Media Composer 7

Media Composer is designed for the broadcast and/or film editor who needs a workhorse editing application or a great offline editor for feature films. In high-pressure, collaborative environments, no other single NLE is as proven as Media Composer. If you need an NLE that you can count on to deliver, then Avid Media Composer 7 still fits the bill. As those infamous car analogies go, it might not be a sports car, but it’s a heck of a fine truck.

While not blowing anybody away with new features, it seems Avid is consistently evolving their product and delivering a solid solution that people turn to time and again within the broadcast/film space. However, if that market continues to atrophy I can envision some very difficult times on the near horizon for Avid, especially if school's continue adopting FCPX and Creative Cloud because today's students are tomorrow's editors.