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Is This How Sony Expects Us to Shoot 4K

Is it me or does this not seem like the way to shoot 4K:


Sony FS700 with optional AXS-R5 Recoder and HXR-IFR5

Sony FS700 with optional AXS-R5 Recoder and HXR-IFR5

Sebastian at Cinema5D has a good write up with embedded video regarding the setup of the FS700 for 4K video. This seems to be Sony's attempt to fit within the Wingrove Paradigm, but seriously? This setup looks bulky, heavy, not-mobile and downright difficult to use. I grant that many people will run this in a more traditional TV/film type setup, but that's not really the market that the FS700 is aimed towards. The FS700 is an $8,000 camera, and shoots 1080p60 video out of the box. To shoot 4K and have overcranking capabilities you need to add another $10K worth of equipment to capture and record the signal. Then you have to rig the camera up similarly to the above picture and that seems to miss the entire market of this camera in my mind.

Sony's F and FS series cameras are nothing to laugh at. They are remarkable cameras with great image quality. But, the above picture and overall approach of add-on components seems like a design step backwards from where we are today (see Canon C300/500, RED). Either the camera shoots 4K resolution or it doesn't. Leave the FS700 as is and make the FS800 which costs $20K and builds all this into a nice ergonomic form factor that indie/corporate/educational/wedding people can really use and whip around.