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How To Answer The Toughest Job Interview Question: 'Tell Me About Yourself’

The way you respond to this question will decide the success of the interview and ultimately whether or not you will get the job. Don’t worry too much– the interviewer is on your side and they want to hire you. They want more than anything for you to crush the interview, so that they can stop spending hours reviewing resumes and doing interviews.

Having been through a few job interviews in my day, I can say that this is one of the most challenging questions to answer. How much should I say? What should I include? Most importantly, what should I exclude?

As an interviewer now screening candidates, I can say that I don't put that much weight on the question as this piece implies. But I do still ask it, usually as a way to relax the candidate. In fact, I'm usually more concerned with how a person carries them self in the interview - how they act, their demeanor, and most importantly their sense of humor (or lack thereof). Most skills can be taught, but personality is a priceless intangible.