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NLE Round-Up Review

Oliver Peters from his own blog:

There is no clear winner among these three. If you are on Windows, then the choice is between Adobe and Avid. If you need 4K output today, Apple or Adobe are your best option. All three handle a wide range of popular camera formats well – especially RED. If you like tracks – go Avid or Adobe. If you want the best application for the new Mac Pro, that will clearly be Apple Final cut Pro X. These are all great tools, capable of any level of post production – be it commercial, corporate, web, broadcast entertainment or feature films. If you’ve been on the fence for two years, now is the time to switch, because there are no bad tools – only preferences.

Oliver's conclusion here is very similar to what I referenced last week regarding FCP X. The NLE battle between the Big A's - Adobe, Apple, Avid - is now at a point of relative parity (I'm not including Autodesk in this as they have some work to do with Smoke if it truly wants to be a NLE of the same caliper as these others). Meaning that what remains is ones personal preference of how they like to work and what business model for purchasing the NLE they want to get into bed with - cloud, internet activation, perpetual license. Any of the NLE's will get the job done, which one you prefer is entirely up to you.