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Further Proof Booth Babes Don't Work

I wrote about this topic earlier this week (see here). As NAB 2014 nears, the booth babe discussion (and creepy pics) will be front and center on social media. If you've been to any trade-show anywhere ever then you've experienced the phenomenon known as "booth babes." Simply put it's placing a scantily clad woman (or women) in front of your trade show booth with the expectation that they will catch the eye of the male dominated attendee, who will approach the booth and buy said product. Or more directly stated by Olivia Solon:

For the uninitiated, booth babes are female models who are hired to lure men to take a look at products that are otherwise too dull to merit genuine interest.

Spencer Chen writing for TechCrunch:

I am not here to participate in the bigger social debate on whether exploiting women as booth babes is bad for all of us in the long run…or if it’s simply wrong. I just wanted to state that if you were so inclined to take up this debate, I can offer you a sound business reason to support your opinion: Booth babes don’t convert.

Booth babes don't bring in better customers. Or more aptly stated, scantily clad women at your booth don't convert to sales of your product. Can we move on now to treating women in and around our industry with more respect, dignity, and appreciation?