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Adobe Needs a Post-Production Cloud Bundle

Scott Simmons writing on his blog at Pro Video Coalition:

Some people have been trying to build their own Production Premium CC by using the single app for $20 / month plan. If you’re only picking two tools out of the video focused apps (say Premiere Pro and After Effects) then you could save $10 a month. You might actually find a few video-focused people who only need PPro and Photoshop or AEand Photoshop (let’s be honest everyone needs Photoshop unless you try to make your way with something like Pixelmator) but those folks are few and far between. Most video pros will need three CC apps, at the very least, so at that point single app licenses become more expensive than the complete option.

Honestly, what I need from Adobe - Prelude, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, Speedgrade, and Lightroom - basically a post-production package. There are many apps in the Creative Cloud that I have absolutely 0 use for - Edge <Everything>, Flash Builder, InDesign, InCopy, etc. My hope is that Adobe offers a video centric Cloud bundle, and charges around $30-$40/month (slightly less for edu installations).