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To 4K or Not to 4K Roundtable Discussion

Another follow-up from yesterday's discussion about 4K this time from Pro Video Coalition:

If having a presence at CES justifies the future of something, then we would all be doing 3D by now. The reality is that all but a very few of the home viewers will be able to perceive the difference between 4K and HD anyway. So we should all invest in brand new gear, handle 4x the bandwidth with the accompanying slow downs and data storage issues for the net result of no improvement to the consumer? And we should do all of this without being able to charge significantly more to cover the costs?

In 2014 the primary benefit to shooting 4K is for image stabilization or having the flexibility to pan/scan in post. But the challenges to working natively in 4K are tremendous - data rate throughput, storage, 1:1 monitoring, archiving. 4K doesn't magically make your productions better. Consider the other costs before jumping on the 4K freight train.