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Panasonic's Roadmap

As the GH4 continues to stir up buzz about Panasonic's foray into 4K, I stumbled across this video posted November 2013 by cinema5D from IBC 2013 where Aisling Magill (that's an awesome name by the way!), Panasonic Europe Marketing representative, states,

For us it has to be led by consumers. At the moment our data is showing that 0.4% of the world's population own a 4K Television. Traditionally, our market is broadcast. We don't tend to work with cinema and so what we wanted to do was explore a workflow that's really manageable, flexible, and cost effective for broadcast.

I think Aisling is completely accurate in that Panasonic is hardly known in the cinema category. Canon fell backwards into it. Sony is trying to push it's way into the market (cf. F65/55/5/700/100). But "cinema" has belonged to Panavision, Arri, and for a brief time RED (which makes me wonder what's RED up to now....they've had a tremendously hard time shipping the Dragon sensor...and other camera manufactures have closed the lead that RED held for so many years. RED's advantage may have simply been that they were first to market with a 4K camera?). Panny doesn't make cinema cameras (some could argue even "cinematic images"). Ultimately, the jury is still out as to whether the GH4 is Panasonic's attempt at a cinema camera or if they'll stay squarely in the "safe" broadcast/ENG market. With NAB only weeks away I'm expect we'll get a glimpse of where they're headed. Since I'll be in Vegas, my money is on Panny staying with the preeminent cash-cow of broadcast television/acquistion, with the occasional attempt to "cross-over."