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The End of Advertising

Michael Wolff in USA Today:

This creeping development has been one of the underlying themes of modern American media and cultural life. Once upon a time, all video in the home, save for public television, was ad-supported -- even most ticket-supported movies were designed for ultimate television consumption and advertising payoff. Then came the VCR, premium pay television, DVDs, piracy, DVRs, streaming. Suddenly, a sizable part of video consumption was ad free. What's more, cable, by providing a revenue stream hooked to subscriber payments, started to wean content makers and distributors, in addition to audiences, off of advertising.


But we are arriving, ever-faster, at a new normal: a world, practically speaking, without advertising on television programs — in effect, the end of advertising as we know it.

I would like to know what world Mr. Wolffe is living in where advertising ends. Maybe he has not watched broadcast television, cable television, the Super Bowl, or visited Google, Facebook, Hulu, or YouTube in the last 5 years. And...oh yeah...there's also this just in. There is currently no world which exists that doesn't have advertising all over it.