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Cord Cutting Continues

This should worry broadcasters:

The results also indicate that adults under the age of 35 are twice as likely not to have a pay TV service -- 12.4% of those households where an adult under the age of 35 lives are cord-cutters

This should really worry broadcasters:

Experian says these young adults may not necessarily be defined as “cord-cutters” because they may never have had a pay TV service. When you factor in those young adult homes with either a Netflix or Hulu account, Experian says, the share of young adult households that don’t have a pay TV service jumps to 24.3%.

If you've never used the cable-TV product you're more inclined to never think of needing the cable-TV product. While the crisis won't hit broadcasters in the near-term, the future doesn't look rosy. As Game of Thrones is fond of saying, "Winter is coming."