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Film Aspect Ratios 101

Ben Kirby writing for Emprire Online's Film Studies 101 section:

A point of pride for many film buffs is a knowledge and love of aspect ratios. You can often hear their excited gasps of delight in any cinema showing the new, pristinely presented Wes Anderson, or see them stomp off to see the management if the local multiplex isn’t projecting a Coen Brothers film in quite the correct ratio. Yet with all the various incarnations of image sizes over the years, it’s easy to get lost or confused. Never fear – if you’ve ever wondered about the difference between Academy Ratio and CinemaScope, or why the hell your TV is shaped the way it is, Empire can make it all crystal clear…

I'd bookmark this link because it's filled with such good information. I''ve written previously on the topic of aspect ratios, see here. If you're having trouble figuring out your pixel dimensions are the correct ratio try this handy calculator. That pixel aspect calculator is a staple in my bookmarks toolbar.