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Creative Cloud Isn't All Rainbows

Scott Simmons writing for ProVideo Coalition:

What Adobe needs is some type of fail-safe to allow users to, at the very least, get in and launch their apps for a 24, 48, 72 hour period when something like this happens. If you’ve ever signed up for 2-step verification for any of your online services you might have gotten a secret verification code to use in the event one of your verification methods isn’t available, say if you lose your cell phone. Supplying something similar to Creative Cloud users might ease the fears that were caused by this recent outage. This option has been discussed before and was, of course, discussed again. I can’t image the Creative Cloud ever staying down for an extended period of time as Adobe has bet the farm on this new business model and they want it up and operational more than anyone. But some failsafe would be great for the customer. If their servers are down you might not be able to access your fonts or sync your settings but at least you’d be guaranteed the ability to launch an app and work.

By now I'm sure you've read or experienced the Adobe Creative Cloud meltdown that happened last week. Scott has a good, fair-balanced look at the problem. I too agree with him that Adobe needs a fail-safe in place for when (not if) this happens again. Technology will always malfunction at some point and typically it seems to happen when you need it just work. So building in some sort of safeguard so that when their servers go down (for weather, maintenance, outside hackers, etc) there is still a mechanism in place for users to login and get to work (though the CC services like fonts, or files won't be available).

I didn't experience any problems during the Creative Cloud outage. We have 4 machines running CC and none of them reported any problems last week. I'm very sorry for those that did though as that can be costly both financially and for your reputation.

I did, however, chuckle over Scott's "if you have a few hours to kill" jab at the Creative Cow forum entitled "Adobe Creative Cloud: The Debate Forum." But he's right! If you want to waste some time read those threads...