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What's Next for Canon Cinema EOS

After a weekend at Cine Gear 2014 in Los Angeles, it became apparent to me that we won’t be seeing any replacements to the EOS C100, EOS C300 or EOS C500 anytime soon. We were told that the EOS C300 is selling “extremely well” and that the EOS C100 is also selling “better than expected”. The EOS C500 is a bit different and isn’t quite as popular as Canon had hoped, but it could be that the camera is in no mans land as far as price/performance and what people are using $20,000 cameras for.
— Canon Rumors

I think this completely sums up why Canon didn't announce anything at NAB this year. It's also the reason why they've tended to slowly update their DSLR cameras. If the product is selling well you should continue to make your profit before introducing the next product. If the C100/300 weren't selling well, I'd bet that Canon would've teased their next release at NAB 2014. Since those cameras are working great for many, many people (myself included) they'll hold off until 2015 or 2016 with their next Cinema update. And it's not like Canon has been sitting on their hands with Cinema EOS series. They've added some great firmware upgrades recently to extend the usability of the cameras.