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Canon Play Website

This is a great tutorial website by Canon for anyone who needs a primer, brush up, or just wants to play around with how shutter speed, ISO, and f/stop all work together to create an image. The page allows you to manipulate settings of your DSLR, take a picture (complete with appropriate sound fx), and review the image. When you review the image there are text boxes instructing you on the settings you chose and ways to change the image if you want (underexposed, too much depth of field, etc).

Play with the camera controls found in the "Creative Zone" of an EOS Digital SLR. Here, you can really dictate the outcome of your photos and get the effects you want. Your shots will appear below where you can review, get feedback and compare the settings you used.

Cut | Color | Post Tutorials Coming

Some of you may know me from my previous site Studio006. Back in those days (2008-2010) I used to do tutorials as a way to "pay it forward," but I got lazy and stopped doing them. Originally I was very focused on Apple Color, but I also sprinkled in some Final Cut Pro and Compressor.

I wanted to present people with a way to learn it that didn't cost money, was easily sharable, and could be past around from person to person, computer to computer without  worrying about copyright and legality. Simply put: I just wanted to help the post-production community learn more about the tools available so they could produce better work. I'm not an expert by any means, but I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. And if I can help someone else avoid some of the mistakes I've made then it's probably worth it.

So I've decided to bring back the Studio006 tutorials under my current brand: Cut | Color | Post, or CCP for short. I am developing a new section on this website called "Tutorials" (see the navigation bar at the top of my site for the link, though the name may change as I'm not married to it). The page is live already but doesn't have much content yet. I'm working on that. Currently, I'm reposting all my old content which is freely available on my Vimeo Channel: Cut | Color | Post (there's also a RSS Feed of the channel available).

I will start posting new episodes sometime this summer focused on a variety of topics from ingesting media, to editing, to color grading (using Resolve and if I take a liking to the new version of Speedgrade then you'll see that as well), to exporting. If you have topics you'd like me to cover or talk about, send me an email or post a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Keep an eye on this blog, the Tutorials section, or the Vimeo Channel for CCP updates. I will post the tutorials in all 3 places whenever they're released.

And please feel free to pass it around. That's why I'm making it. 

Cut | Color | Post

CCP Episode 029: FCP 3-Way Color Corrector

CCP Episode 029: FCP 3-Way Color Corrector. In episode 29 I look at how to do color correction within FCP7 using the 3-way color corrector. If you don't have the time or desire to go to Apple Color, sometimes the 3-way color corrector is all you need.

Previously released under the "Studio006" podcast name.